Instructions for the August/September exams are available in the “exams” section


Each lecture focuses on documents: texts, videos, slides, background documents, websites, you name it. All documents, whether they are handed out in class or mentioned during the lecture will be available here. So, this is the place to come to to revise and deepen what we worked on together in the lecture. Especially for the videos you did not understand very clearly in class.
Evaluation: for the first term, the lectures materials are part of the written exam in December only; for the second term, the written and oral exams include the stuff of the whole year for everyone, except the “Student talks” which only belong to the December exam.


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Practice makes perfect. In this section you’ll get the necessary language training to help you develop a good mastery of advertising English, while revising some tricky aspects of the language in general. The core element is a series of exercises updated weekly. To ensure your progress, the exercises are to be done progressively, week after week.
Evaluation: specifically in the written exams, but indirectly in the oral exams. The  final written exam includes the stuff of the whole year, not just the second term exercises.


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Media Portfolio

Languages require input. In this section you are required to process, organize and rehearse professional information across different communication media. This information is part of the exams in December (first term schedule) and May/June (second term schedule). It is based on self-study and needs careful planning of your work.
Evaluation: for the first term the portfolio is included in the written and oral exams in December, as indicated in the instructions sheet – this portfolio is no longer included in the second term exams, for no-one; for the second term the portfolio is included in the oral exam only : in the June oral exam everyone must cover the second term materials, but only that.

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This activity takes place in the second term pnly. It is intended to provide you with a fairly broad background knowledge of the marketing communication field. Also, it will give you the opportunity to handle a large amount of language. It is based on an extensive series of texts and involves teams of students who work out different text to ensure a real exchange of information.
Evaluation: the conversation stuff is not part of the written or oral exams, for no-one. It is only to be prepared for the conversations during the second term. More information later in the year.


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Some activities, especially the conversations, will enable me to provide each student with a personal feedback sheet. This points out the difficulties you still have to solve. To help you, this section provides you with remedial exercises on the web. You’ll need to do them repeatedly until you feel you have solved the problem. This is not part of the stuff as such, but is necessary to progress individually.


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