Promotion Media

Fill in the appropriate words
   aware      brochures      catalogues      direct mail      display      exhibit      exhibitions      fairs      holding      image      issuing      leaflets      logo      olfactory signature      Packaging      Point-of-sale      Pop-ups      pre-roll      Publicity      Public relations      rebates      Refunds      releases      rep      rep      Sample      spokesperson      Sponsorship      stand      telemarketing      toll-free      trademark      Word-of-mouth  
1. Sales literature – , and - can describe your product in more detail and give more information than an advertisement. Besides, potential clients can be sent by post.
2. advertising - displays in retail outlets (supermarkets, chain stores, etc...) can attract the attention of potential customers. tasting is a common technique for food products.
3. : labels and presentation increase the visibility of your product
4. : you can conTRIbute to the cost of a sporting or artistic event, where the brand name or and/or displayed prominently.
5. Potential customers can come to your PREmises and see a demonstration of your product and get hands-on experience - this is called a showroom .
6. Trade and - your company takes a or mounts an to enable the customers in the same trade to see your products and talk to your .
7. – the public is/are informed of a new deVElopment through newspaper articles. You can inform the press by press or by a press conference, so that reporters can question your press attaché or .
8. – PR can ensure that your firm keeps a high profile, and that people are of your good reputation. and attractive .
9. means that existing customers tell their friends or colleagues about your product and hopefully recommend it to them.
10. Telephone selling, or : your staff call CUStomers, or CUStomers can call a number to request sales literature.
11. Personal selling: your sales can visit CUStomers – this is the most effective method of promotion, but also the most expensive.
12. are a form of online advertising where new windows appear to advertisements on top of the webpage.
13. The name of an online video commercial that appears prior to an online video; it is typically 10 to 15 seconds in length : ad.
14. The is an efficient and innovative marketing tool that requires the creation of personalized fragrances for companies to reinforce their brand identity.
15. and are two techniques based on the product price. They do not build any loyalty to the product. Do get them you may have to turn in a 34.