MEMO : (a) few / (a) little

Fill in the gaps with the most adequate form: few - a few - little - a little.


TO: Jan de Ryke
FROM: Yamina Kerdjani

This is just a summary of what was discussed at the joint marketing meeting (Perfumes Division) days ago so as to keep you up-to-date with developments.

Sales figures were disappointing as very wholesalers are willing to stock and push the product. The margin available to them has been kept low and there is consequently incentive for them to make the necessary effort. Howeber, sales have picket up in the last two months or so.

Dark Gipsy
consumers (only 18% of those polled) feed that the packaging is attractive. However, artwork for a new pack has feen finalised and sample packs circulated for testing purposes. The information we have gathered so far seems encouraging.

Tests have demonstrated that customers have no marked preference for any particular colour so, after hesitation, we have chosen black to give an image of luxury. else can be done at present.

Even with heavy discounts, of these products have sold well and they will be discounted at the end of the year at more than cost price.

Finally, could you please investigate the situation in Greece? We get or no information from our agent in Athens and I'm beginning to get worried about the situation there. phone calls might help here.

Based on: STRUTT, P, 1992, Longman Business English Usage, Longman, p. 85