What is correct in these gaps: "few", "little", "a few" or "a little"? If you do not see the difference in use clearly, check it out, for example here:
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Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. You can also click on the "[?]" button to get a clue. Note that you will lose points if you ask clues!
Do you mind waiting minutes?
In years' time we hope to be market leader.
things respond more quickly to international events than share values.
If there are opportunities for promotion, young executives will tend to leave the firm.
I need time to think about your offer but I'll phone you first thing tomorrow morning.
The first half-year results were disappointing.
There is time left for discussion so let's come to a decision straight away.
You'll get used to the climate after weeks already.
With help from the bank manager, the project will get off the ground smoothly.
He seems to have motivation for the job and should be moved to another department.
people like their boss interfering with their work.
Sales figures were disappointing last quarter.
We need more money for the project.
students visited the agency as it had not been announced in time.
There is demand for this product, so we are going to withdraw it.
Very customers have complained about this product.
The copy writer needs more information from the art director to finalise the body copy.
The campaign is brilliant. All we need is luck now!
There are ads in that magazine that emphasises editorial content.
ads are as aggressive and violent as theirs.
Their very traditional campaigns only get attention in the media.
They have knowledge of the situation abroad.
Even with heavy discounts, of these products have sold well.
After hesitation we have chosen black to give an image of luxury.
We get or no information from our agent in Italy.
I'm getting worried about the situation.
colleagues like our boss interfering with their work.
With help from the strategic planner, the campaign will run smoothly.
In their agency there are only opportunities for promotion.
In their agency there is only opportunity for promotion.
We need more creative ideas for the meeting tomorrow.