Do or make business?

Do and Make are very common verbs in English. Using them adequetely will make your language more adequate and more fluent, not having to think about which to use. Here are some common uses in business English.

Fill in the gaps with the most adequate word from the box.

We progress but it's a tiring job.
We'd be grateful to the job for you.
You can't avoid taking risks when you business.
We a lot of business with their Brussels-based subsidiary.
I don't want to difficulties, but the deadline is very soon.
I feel we a lot of work, but we much progress.
They have clearly a mistake, but what are you going to about it?
I've heard they a special discount price right now. It's worth asking.
I a number of useful contacts at the trade fair.
I'll enquiries about it and get back to you as soon as I know more.
We must really something about it. We could a complaint.
We need to find someone to the cleaning after the event.
I never manage to any work on the plane.
Their presentation a very good impression on us.
Apparently someone a major mistake in the report.
If they don't much of a profit, at least they won't a loss.
I think I ought to an appointment as soon as possible.
Failing to react a lot of damage to their reputation.