Preposition Party

By JP Ranschaert

Prepositions are important not for grammatical reasons, but for reasons of fluency. Your English will sound much more fluent if prepositions come automatically, without hesitation or thinking time. So, practice them!

1. Everyone agreed Johnís proposal.

2. I am fed his behaviour.

3. You are in charge this group.

4. How can two people differ each other so much and still live together ?

5. Al Capone was sued tax evasion.

6. My children donít approve my smoking.

7. He did it deliberately, purpose.

8. I expect you report to me on this matter as soon as possible.

9. All expenses were paid by the company.

10. I get very annoyed with people who donít queue bus stops.

11. He got promoted the 4th of July at 9 a.m.

12. He got promoted on the 4th of July 9 a.m.

13. This was shown television last night.

14. Iíll have a beer. No, second thoughts, give me a whisky.

15. I havenít seen my elder brother 2 years. I havenít seen John since 1996.

16. I havenít seen my elder brother for 2 years. I havenít seen John 1996.

17. Nobody can stand being laughed .

18. The house smelled vanilla and lavender.

19. Elton insisted being called ĎSirí.

20. Who is responsible this mess?

21. I look seeing her again.

22. Friends often donít agree each other.

23. The poor girl burst tears.

24. Gianni relied Johan to set the pace.

25. Helen resigned her job months ago !

26. The senator is opposed this new bill.

27. You should apply the local council for that position.

28. Letters should be replied within two days.

29. The sick man was brought the room.

30. The slot machine is order.

31. Add some milk and sugar your tea.

32. spite of all the difficulties they did succeed in crossing the South Pole on foot.

33. In spite of all the difficulties they did succeed in crossing the South Pole foot.

34. Help! The house is fire!

35. I told Tim to look his sister while I was away.

36. Dutroux was arrested and charged murder.

37. He was in London business.

38. So weíll see each other the hotel.

39. Helen lives Harley Street.

40. You will have to cheer her a bit.

41. Are you familiar the work I do ?

42. I found it the Internet.

43. I am studying Ihecs, Brussels.

44. I am majoring advertising.