Match these advertising neologisms with their definition.

What do you call this?

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Short and memorable enough to be converted into a Twitter hashtag, possibly to the point of being dumbed-down or overly simplified.
A person who boosts his ego by searching for his own name on Google and other search engines.
A man who dedicates a great deal of time and money to his appearance.
A Web-based computer game that incorporates advertising messages and images.
An advertisement that runs vertically down the side of a Web page.
The attempt to make something that is traditionally masculine more interesting or appealing to women by associating it with stereotypically feminine traits or ideas.
A person who investigates cutting-edge trends, fashions, and ideas and sells them as market research to companies so they can incorporate them into their latest products.
A product catalogue designed to resemble a magazine.
A marketing strategy that attempts to create social groups or communities that are centered around a product or service.
The promotion of a service or product by using existing customers to pass along a marketing pitch to friends, family, and colleagues.
The massive marketing and product tie-ins that accompany blockbuster movies such as Batman and Toy Story.
Describes something that has a physical presence in the real world, as opposed to a virtual presence in the online world.
An advertisement with an anti-marketing message.
A direct marketing strategy that involves sending out a number of promotional pieces over a period of time to a subset of sales leads.
Advertisements posted on telephone poles, traffic lights, and other public areas.
A marketing campaign that uses non-mainstream tactics and locations, often in defiance of local laws or statutes.
A sequence of events experienced by an overly-hyped product or technology, including a peak of unrealistic expectations followed by a valley of disappointment when those expectations aren't met.
A type of downward brand extension, it refers to prestigious products designed to be sold to the masses.
The brand landscape; the expanse of brands and brand-related items within a culture or market.
Advertising strategy that appeals to the audience by engaging them using entertaining mediums, such as songs, movies, television, games, ...
The defacement of public buildings and spaces by corporate ads, logos, and other forms of branding.
A store that sells only a single brand of goods.
A list disguised as an article… or is it an article disguised as a list? Either way, it’s a common feature in online magazines and blogs, with the added benefit of attention-grabbing headlines (Top 10 Reasons To Do X, Y, and Z) and are easy to write.
The brand landscape; the expanse of brands and brand-related items within a culture or market.
The use of a corporation’s Twitter hashtag to bash the company’s products.
An advertisement designed to resemble editorial content.
A business strategy in which a company combines online ecommerce with traditional retail outlets.