Common business abbreviations

What do the following usual abbreviations mean? Write them in full.

Read the following before doing the exercise - look up any unknown expression - Next, test your memory by remembering the abbreviations on the right - they all appear in the elements below

a Hire Purchase deal

a Point of Sales display

a growth of the Gross Domestic Product

adjudications by the Advertising Standards Authority

apply with Smith Public Limited Company

attend the Annual General Meeting

audience data from the National Readership Survey

James Brown, also known as “the godfather of soul”

carry out a Strengths and Weaknesses/Opportunities and Threats analysis

deal with Human Resources

earn €24,000 per annum - earn €24 thousand per year

enclosed is a stamped addressed envelope

increase market share in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods segment

integrate Information Technologies

market policies of the World Trade Organisation

our Research and Development department

sign an I Owe You

the Chief Executive Officer runs the company

the chairman’s Personal Assistant

work with Jones, Incorporated