Business English - nouns

Fill in the gaps with the most adequate word from the box.

   agenda      buyer      consortium      fee      figure      image      job      lease      production      quotation      range      rate      record      structure      vacancy      venue   

1. We advertised a in the local press.
2. We have changed the for the conference.
3. We have a short on our current premises.
4. He is looking for a in the computer industry.
5. They are spending a lot of advertising money to improve the company's .
6. The in the accounts for heating is very high.
7. We charge a small for our services.
8. A of French and British companies is planning to construct the new aircraft.
9. She is the shoe for a London department store.
10. After two hours we were still discussing the first item on the .
11. His was much lower than all the others.
12. The of absenteeism always increases in fine weather.
13. Their of products is too narrow.
14. We are hoping to speed up by installing new machinery.
15. The paper gives a diagram of the company's organizational .
16. The chairman signed the minutes as a true of the last meeting.