Advertising adjectives 2

Fill in the gaps with the most adequate word from the box.

   acceptable      awkward      claim      delivered      effective      equal      knockdown      liable      overworked      part-time      previous      principal      professional      reasonable      reliable      rival      self employed      unconfirmed      underpaid   

1. He worked for a bank for ten years but now he is .
2. He could not accept the invitation because he had a engagement.
3. This restaurant offers good food at a price.
4. The country's products are paper and wood.
5. We have information about our competitor's sales plans.
6. There are reports that our agent has been arrested, but they are .
7. Our staff say they are and .
8. The accountant sent in his bill for services.
9. The order should be only if it is complete.
10. Advertising in the Sunday papers is an way of selling this product.
11. He needed to sell and he offered me the car at a price.
12. She is trying to find work for when the children are at school.
13. The trade union made only a moderate .
14. The chairman was personally for the company's debts.
15. Male and female workers have pay.
16. When he asked for a loan the bank started to ask some very questions.
17. The former chairman has taken a job with a company.
18. This offer is not and my client has to refuse it.