Complete the following sentences.

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   assembly      batch      blind      brand loyalty      break      copy      copycat      disposable      drop      Early adopters      focus group      junk      lead      liability      mailing      purchasing      rate card      sell-by      supplement      teen      trade barriers      trend slaves  
Unsolicited advertising material which is mailed and thrown away immediately by the people who receive it is called mail.
Production system in which the product (such as a car) moves slowly through the factory with new sections being added to it as it goes along: line.
If you want to introduce a complaint, you must mention the number to identify the product.
Consumers testing a product without their knowing what brand it is: testing.
Magazine which accompanies a newspaper (usually with the weekend issue), printed in colour on art paper and containing a lot of advertising: a colour .
Time set aside for commercials on television: commercial .
This campaign is aimed at increasing , i.e. encouraging people to stick to our brand instead of trying others.
Income left after tax and national insurance have been deducted: income.
Time between deciding to place an order and receiving the product: time.
The list of costs for media time or space issued by a media owner (such as a magazine), e.g. the price for a 10 second radio spot on la Première right after the 8 a.m. news: the .
List of names and addresses of people who have subscribed to a newsletter: your list.
Amount of goods which can be bought by a group of people or with a certain amount of money: the power.
Advertising matter delivered door-to-door is called a mail .
A group of people who have been gathered to discuss a particular marketing idea or product in the framework of market research: a .
The text in an advertisement is the advertising .
People who are always out on the next hype or fashion are called .
Brands that do not innovate but copy others are brands.
A marketer who targets their marketing actions at a young market is called a marketer.
are people who are eager to try and buy new products before the majority shows their interest.
The responsibility companies carry when they develop new products is called product . They may be sued if such products are defective or harmful in some way.
Governments may impose restrictions on trade, such as taxes or regulations. These are called .
The date printed on products such as food, after which it should not be sold or consumed: the date.