advertising vocab - nouns

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble.
   brand      briefing      campaign      chain store      commission      competition      competition      competitor      disposable      disposable income      enterprise      fee      image      life-style      portfolio      press release      prototype      quote      range      range      reach      reach      researcher      retail      retailer      shopping      trend      trending      venue      venue  
1. The company is showing the of the new model at the exhibition.
2. We built the whole round a well-known TV personality.
3. The for the exhibition has been changed from the town hall to the conference centre.
4. They do all their in the local supermarket.
5. Government statistics are a useful source of information for the desk .
6. Higher fuel costs and more taxes reduce the consumer's income.
7. Pespi and Coke are in aggressive with each other.
8. We notice a general towards selling to the student market.
9. They are spending a lot of advertising money to improve the company's .
10. All sales staff have to attend a sales on the new product.
11. The company is launching a new of soap.
12. These up-market products appeal to people with an extravagant .
13. The project is completely funded by private .
14. They sent us a catalogue of their new of desks.
15. The student brought a of designs to show the design department manager.
16. The success of an advertisement depends on its .
17. He gets 10% on everything he sells.
18. They sent in their for the job.
19. There is heavy between Samsung and Apple in the smartphone sector.
20. A consumer's is the amount of money they can use to spend on buying or saving.
21. With their campaign they want to a younger audience.
22. Coke is going to extend their product with a new flavour.
23. They want to beat their main and become the market leader.
24. We need to pay a to our agency for the latest campaign.
25. Demand for our leading product is again upwards.
26. They have issued a to announce the press conference.
27. Our hotel is the perfect for conferences and seminars.
28. Zara has opened six new outlets in the country.
29. Wallmart is a huge in the US.
30. Vanden Borre is a big electronics .